Sunday, November 26, 2006


"Do you think I've become more of a dick since I've started working on Wall Street?"

"You certainly haven't become less of one."


Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Sales and Trading Lexicon, Vol. 1

On the tape:

Originally stemming from the act of printing a stock trade on the ticker tape, the phrase "on the tape" is also used to describe the completion or completing any kind of action, especially one involving the exchange of money.

Original usage: "30K shares of ZVZZT went on the tape- who's advertising the sale?"
"Enough dicking around! I want to put the deal on the tape by Thursday!"
"The tickets are on the tape, we're all set for the concert tonight"

The phrase can also be used to describe a successful sexual encounter.

"You went out with Mary last night, right? Did you put her on the tape?"

"Look at that smile on her face, you know she put Jim on the tape last night."

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Channeling Murakami

While riding the train home Friday night, I saw the 100% perfect girl for me. I was on a New Haven bound express train facing back, she on a Stamford local facing forward. Our eyes met across two safety glass windows and 3 feet of dark void and we shared a brief knowing smile, recognizing our kindred spirits before cruel fate and the MTA tore us apart. I felt a small emptiness in my heart echoed in the darkness spilling out between Port Chester and Greenwich, and let out a small, pitiful sigh. Would I ever find anyone?

I couldn't let thoughts like that get me down. I had to focus. After all, I was on level 33 of brickbreaker...


I've decided to start a blog.. but first some ground rules:
1) anonymity is key... if you know me, do not under any circumstances post my name on this blog or in a link to this blog. Not even initials.

2) see 1

3) i am writing about my experiences working on Wall Street. I will not post stock advice, "inside information," or anything remotely resembling investing advice. Watch Mad Money if you want tips. I will use the NASDAQ test symbol ZVZZT, when ever i need to refer to a ticker to keep the post moving.

Thats it, please enjoy.