Saturday, November 18, 2006

Channeling Murakami

While riding the train home Friday night, I saw the 100% perfect girl for me. I was on a New Haven bound express train facing back, she on a Stamford local facing forward. Our eyes met across two safety glass windows and 3 feet of dark void and we shared a brief knowing smile, recognizing our kindred spirits before cruel fate and the MTA tore us apart. I felt a small emptiness in my heart echoed in the darkness spilling out between Port Chester and Greenwich, and let out a small, pitiful sigh. Would I ever find anyone?

I couldn't let thoughts like that get me down. I had to focus. After all, I was on level 33 of brickbreaker...

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ZaPaper said...

Hi MwStW. I like your pseudonym. Careful of the details though, if anonymity is so important to ya. Now your readers know what train line you ride home! The details do admittedly make the story, especially Greenwich etc.